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New Renault TWINGO 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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Published on 18 Apr 2019 / In Sports

New Renault TWINGO 2019 Review Interior Exterior.

More sophisticated while still fun and agile,
New TWINGO has been revamped and is sporting a new
look! Both inside and outside, it comes with new customising
options. It also features the latest connectivity innovations
with the new Renault EASY CONNECT ecosystem. New TWINGO
is available with three petrol-power units.

With its rear-mounted engine,
New TWINGO has a turning circle of
only 4.30m, the best on the market.
With its compact design (3.61m
long), it can weave in and out of city
traffic and can park in pocket-sized
parking spaces.

New TWINGO protects its
passengers with programmed
deformation zones around the
survival cell, four airbags and seat
belts with pretensioners. Electronic
driving assistance includes lane
departure warning and hill start

Featuring five doors and a fullyfolding front passenger seat, New
TWINGO offers a loading length of
2.31m, a record envied by higherend cars. Drivers will enjoy the new
centre console, as well as the more
user-friendly bonnet and tailgate
opening systems.

By combining body colours
(including the new Mango Yellow
and Quartz White), interior and
exterior colour packs, decals and the
six-wheel rims available from the
catalogue, New TWINGO comes in
several hundreds of versions.

At the heart of the Renault EASY
CONNECT ecosystem, New TWINGO
is fitted with two multimedia
systems, R&Go and EASY LINK.
Connected with Apple and Android
smartphones, these systems allow
you use the most popular services
such as Waze or Google Maps
for navigation, and Spotify
or Apple Music for music.

Experience sporty driving with
the New TWINGO’s specific and
secure frame. The new SCe 75
engine provides the best balance
between driving pleasure and
fuel consumption whilst the TCe
95 (which can be combined with
the Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC)
automatic transmission, a unique
car option available in this market
segment) allows you to escape
easily from the city.

Introducing the lighting signature seen on all
Renault vehicles, the new headlamp clusters include
C-Shape LED daytime running lights and indicators.
Unique in the small city car segment, these
technologies contribute to the New TWINGO’s
distinctly chic and modern look.

Completely redesigned with a more pronounced
shape, the front bumper also reveals a sleek design
with a larger painted surface and LED daytime
running lights located in the headlamp clusters.
The front grille’s graphics, especially the side air
scoops (or inlets), make the vehicle appear more
spacious. The top-trim level offers a chrome-finish
which adds a distinguishing feature to the car.

The rear bumper has been
redesigned and upgraded,
with the addition of decorative
trims. The C-shaped lighting
signature can also be seen in
the tail lights. Featuring a more
convenient handle, the tailgate
can now be unlocked and
opened in one go.

The vehicle’s design contributes to its aerodynamic performance which can
be seen with the front bumper’s air inlets directing air flows towards the
wheel arches. The ride height, lowered by 10mm, and the rear-end fairing
also help to reduce the drag coefficient. Side engine air intake, which has
now been extended to all versions, improves engine cooling and provides
New TWINGO with a more assertive look.

New TWINGO has been fitted with a revamped
and more functional centre console featuring an
adjustable holder in which you can place a cup or
store a smartphone in an upright position. To increase
accessibility, the console also includes two USB ports
and a jack plug, together with the buttons used for
both Stop & Start and cruise control/speed limiter.
A new collection of more modern gear knobs also
contributes to giving a new feel to the passenger
The glovebox is now closed at all trim levels and the
rear parcel shelf has been redesigned and reinforced.
All of these improvements contribute to increasing the
perceived quality of New TWINGO.

Spacious and functional, the passenger compartment can be customised
starting at the second-trim level, with a choice between Dark and Light
upholstery colour combinations. This version also includes manual
air-conditioning and a radio, compatible with the R&Go customisable
smartphone application.
At the top-trim level, the new EASY LINK multimedia system, including a
7-inch screen and unique upholstery, is added. The dashboard comes with
a white lacquered finish and the door armrests are covered and decorated
with topstitching for a more sophisticated and comfortable feel.
Just like the exterior, you can choose from the colour customisation packs
(black, red or yellow), to change the shade of the dashboard, the air vent
surrounds, the steering wheel and the outer trim on the gear lever.
The upholstery stitching can also subtly reflect the colour chosen.


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